Mustela sun spray: effective UV protection for your babySeptember 2015

Are you taking your baby somewhere sunny this summer? Remember to bring the new Mustela Solaires very high-protection sun spray with you. Very effective, ultra-practical and perfectly designed for the delicate skin of very young babies, you can keep it with you throughout your holiday to keep your baby's skin protected.


This time, summer is definitely here, and you'll probably be looking forward to enjoying the sunshine as a family. But watch out! For very young babies, UV rays can be very dangerous. Their skin is 40 to 60% thinner than ours, more sensitive and so much more vulnerable to the sun.

To safeguard the future of your baby's skin, it is therefore extremely important to protect it. Up until they are three years old, they should avoid exposure as much as possible. But if you are unable to avoid exposure, remember to use suitable clothing, a hat, sunglasses and a sunscreen that has been specifically formulated for very young children. The dangers of the sun are not to be taken lightly!


Expert sun protection....

For complete peace of mind when you're enjoying the summertime, remember to slip some Mustela very high-protection sun spray into your luggage. Rigorously selected for its high tolerance and its non-allergenic properties, its SPF 50+ and UVA filter system provides your baby with effective protection, without damaging their delicate skin.

Enriched with Avocado Perseose, a patented active ingredient with biomimetic properties that works in complete harmony with the skin, it also provides protection against damage to the skin deep down, preserving its natural defences and its cell stock. Your baby's skin is provided with gentle protection against the sun both on the surface and deep down.


… and very practical!

Mustela’s very high protection sun spray is even more resistant to water, sweat and friction from towels and clothing, and will protect your child no matter what they're doing.

Extremely practical thanks to its spray format, it can be applied directly to the area that needs protection, or it can be sprayed into the palm of the hands so it can be spread over your baby's skin. Now you no longer need several sun creams: it can be used on your baby's face and body, and there's so much in one tube – you’ll have it throughout the holiday.

Just a quick tip to end with: when you're applying it, remember the sensitive areas, like the ears, the tops of the feet and behind the knees. Everything you need for a well-protected summer!


To find out more about Mustela SunCare very high-protection sun spray, have a look at its product information sheet.

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