Ideas for activities with your baby aged between 0 and 12 months


During the first 12 months of your baby's life, their senses will gradually start to develop, and little by little they will discover the world around them. It is vital that you interact and play with them so that they can progress and confidently develop in their new environment. You can use our activity ideas for inspiration, so that you can share moments of tenderness and joy with your baby!


> Right from birth: skin-on-skin with mom

> Right from birth: gentle rocking

> From 3 months: whistle like a chaffinch

> From 3 months: playing with reflections

> From 6 month: angels’ breath

> From 6 months: the talking toilet roll

> From 9 month: the treasure chest

> From 9 month: where’s my toy gone?

> 9 months to 1 year: imitating animals

> 9 months to 1 year: the pleasures of water




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